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What if you could get paid to surf the web?

Hard to believe, right? Well, advertisers pay a lot of money to make sure you see ads as you surf the web. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get some of that money for yourself?

Now you can!

In fact - in the next few minutes, you will learn:

How you can earn money while you surf the internet (I currently earn $25 an hour web-surfing);

How you can earn money just by having your browser start on a certain page;

How you can earn $5.00 immediately just for joining a program that allows you to send to or receive money from anyone with an email address (this same program allows you to accept MasterCard and Visa on internet sales - with NO FEES!);

And if you register for my Netprotunity Newsletter (absolutely free), I will let you know whenever I discover new ways to make money on the Internet! 

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